CR2450 vs CR2032 Review

About CR2450 vs. CR2032 Review, Lithium Manganese Dioxide Coin (CR) batteries have applications in many small electronic devices. 

Your wristwatch or remote control may run on a CR battery, including the CR2450 and the CR2032. 

The two batteries are long-lasting and quite similar, which may be confusing. Are they the same? If not, what makes them different? Can I use one as an alternative to the other?

Well, weWe’reng CR2450 vs. CR2032 .questions and more in today’s article. 

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What Is a CR2450 Battery?

The CR family of lithium button cell batteries

(The CR family of lithium button cell batteries)

The CR2450 is a lithium button cell battery that we commonly use to power small electronic devices, including watches. 2450 in the battery’s name stands for its 24.5mm diameter. 

Additionally, the battery has a thickness of 5mm, making it one of the thickest batteries you can use to power small electronic circuits. Therefore, like most batteries in the “CR” family, the CR2450 uses lithium chemistry to supply a nominal 3 volts over a long time.  

What Is a CR2032 Battery?

A CR2032 battery

(A CR2032 battery)

The CR2032 is a lithium coin/button cell battery with a 20mm diameter and a smaller 3.2mm thickness. The battery’s low discharge rate makes it an ideal power source for small electronic devices.

Therefore, its common uses include powering calculators and watches. Moreover, the battery supplies a nominal voltage of 3 volts with outstanding reliability.

CR2450 vs. CR2032 Batteries: Technical Specifications

The CR2450 is a bigger battery compared to the CR2032. Consequently, it has a higher capacity that allows it to last longer.

However, their longevity depends on application and frequency of use. Here is a closer look into the technical specification of the two batteries.

Nominal Voltage3.0V3.0V
Capacity620 mAh220 mAh
Operating Temperature-20°C to +50°C-20°C to +85°C
Standard Discharge Current 0.2mA0.2mA
Diameter 24.5mm20mm

CR2450 vs CR2032: Differences

An illustration of the various lithium coin cell battery dimensions

(An illustration of the various lithium coin cell battery dimensions)

The CR2450 and the CR2032 are similar-looking lithium-based batteries from the CR family. Therefore, they serve the same purpose: reliable power for many small electronic devices.

However, some differences make one suitable for specific applications rather than others. 


The first and more noticeable difference between the two is size. Therefore, CR2450 has a diameter of 24.5mm and a thickness of 5mm. On the other hand, the CR2032 has a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm. 


Due to its larger size, the CR2450 has a higher capacity than the CR2032. More specifically, the CR2450 has a capacity of around 620 mAh. In contrast, the CR2032 has a capacity of approximately 220 to 240 mAh.

Therefore, the capacity difference makes the CR2450 an idealized face that needs longer-lasting power sources.

Temperature Range

The CR2032 has a broader range of 90°C, whereas the CR2045 has a 70°C range. Specifically, the CR2032 battery’s temperature range starts from -20°C to +85°C. 

Conversely, the CR2045 temperature range starts from -20°C to +50°C. Therefore, the CR2032 is more versatile and works well over a broader range of temperatures.


The CR2450 is bigger with a weight that doubles the CR2032’s weight. Specifically, it weighs in at 6.9 grams, whereas the CR2032 weighs in at 3 grams.

As such, use the CR2032 if you need a lighter power source for your device. However, you’ll be sacrificing more power with the lighter battery.

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Applications

Using a calculator at work

(Using a calculator at work)

Generally, the CR2450 and the CR2032 have similar applications for powering electronic devices. Nonetheless, since the CR2450 has a higher capacity, we generally use it in devices that need more power over a long period.

Common applications include powering cark key fobs and medical devices. 

On the other hand, we use the CR2032 to power smaller electronic devices that require a stable power source. Therefore, common applications include powering calculators and small electronic toys. 

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Similarities

The CR2450 and the CR2032 batteries have some similarities in application and chemistry. Firstly, both batteries come from the lithium coin cell family of batteries.

The lithium coin cell batteries are usually flat and round, and you’ll mostly find them in small electronics. The batteries’ names also come with their coin-shaped design and lithium chemical composition. 

Secondly, both batteries have a nominal voltage of 3 volts. Most lithium coin cell batteries have a standard nominal voltage of 3 volts to power small electronic devices. 

Thirdly, the two batteries have very low discharge rates and will retain 90% of their capacity after as long as ten years. Both batteries last nearly a year when you use them in power-demanding applications.

If you use them in less draining applications, expect the batteries to last 3 to 4 years. 

Lastly, the CR2450 and CR2032 are easy to install. Like most lithium coin cell batteries, all you have to do is insert the battery into its compartment, and you’re good to go.

Therefore, if it is depleted, you’ll remove it from its compartment and substitute it with a suitable replacement. 

CR2450 Equivalents

Most manufacturers have their way of labeling their batteries. As such, there are multiple equivalents of the CR2450 battery. Here’s a look at the best alternatives to the CR2450 battery.

  • Duracell DL2450
  • ECR2450
  • BR2450
  • KCR2450
  • LIR2450

Note that while some equivalent batteries could fit in the same device, they might not operate as well as the original battery; consequently, the manufacturer recommends wherever installing the same battery model.

CR2032, wherever feasible Equivalents

There are multiple batteries that you can use in place of the CR2032. Remember to use equivalent batteries as replacements for your battery to ensure you don’t damage your device. Therefore, common alternative batteries include:

  • ECR2032
  • BR2032
  • DL2032
  • KCR2032
  • LIR2032

Are CR2450 and CR2032 Interchangeable?

A closeup of a coin cell battery in its socket

(A closeup of a coin cell battery in its socket)

Your choice of battery depends on the application and the battery compartment size. In other words, if you need a longer-lasting battery, go for a CR2450.

However, if you’re buying one for a small device like a watch, go for the CR2032. The battery compartment also dictates the battery you should buy. For a CR2450 compartment, buy the same battery or an equivalent.

Also, the same applies to the CR2032 battery.


Can you use CR2450 in place of CR2032?

It depends on the battery compartment of the device you’re using. Therefore, if you’re using it to power a device with a fixed battery compartment, that will dictate the battery to install.

You can go with either if your custom battery compartment is adjustable according to the battery size. 

Are CR2450 durable batteries?

The CR2450 batteries are very durable and will last more than a year in power-intensive devices. Also, they will last more than three years if you use them in nonintensive devices. Moreover, what’s even more impressive is that they have a long shelf life.

What voltage do we consider CR2032 and CR2450 dead?

Most lithium coin cell batteries are deadlier nominal voltages drop below 2.8 to 2.7 volts. However, the extent to which a battery is flat depends on the device and application.

Some devices can still run on little power from a flat battery, while others can’t. Additionally, once a CR2045 or CR2032 battery goes flat, consider replacing it as they are non-rechargeable. 

Final Remarks

The CR2032 and CR2045 batteries are durable and provide a reliable stream of power. Therefore, we mostly use them on small devices like calculators and watches.

However, the two are not equivalents, and each serves specific purposes. If you’re using one to power your device, ensure it’s what the manufacturer recommends.