Can You Use CR2032 To Replace A CR2025?

About CR2032 replacing CR2025, technological advancement calls for smaller and more reliable power sources. 

For instance, long gone are the days when we had to open car doors with car keys manually. 

Similarly, most televisions don’t have buttons, as you can switch between channels with a remote. 

Such advancements necessitate better power sources that may last for years. 

However, many electronic devices need specific batteries to function well. The two most common ones are the CR2032 and the CR2025 batteries.

 You may notice that they are strikingly similar if you’ve encountered them. But are they the same? Can a CR2032 replace a CR2025?

 Can you use CR2025 instead of CR2032 and vice versa? If you have these questions, we have all your answers.  

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Can CR2025 Replace CR2032?

A CR2032 battery on a motherboard

(A CR2032 battery on a motherboard)

Yes, you can replace a CR2032 battery with a CR2025 one. The CR2025 and the CR2032 batteries are similar in build and usage. Both power small electronic circuits and devices that rely on long-lasting power sources.

However, the main issue with replacing one with the other is that it may not fit in the compartment. 

For instance, the slimmer CR2025 battery contacts may not touch the device’s terminals. You’ll have a loose connection, and your device might even malfunction.

Replacing a battery with a different version is inadvisable without considering its power requirements. Using an incompatible battery may also harm the device, thus reducing its life or performance.

Can I Use CR2032 Instead of CR2025?

Lithium button cell batteries

(Lithium button cell batteries)

Yes, you can use a CR2032 instead of the CR2025 if the replacement fits in the compartment. Both are lithium coin cell batteries that supply a nominal voltage of 3V.

However, the main noticeable difference is that the CR2032 is thicker by 0.7mm than the CR2025. 

Additionally, the CR2032 has a larger capacity of 220-240mAh, while the CR2025 battery has a lower capacity of 170mAh.

Consequently, if you need longer battery life to power your device, go with CR2032. The catch is that you must ensure it fits in the CR2025 battery compartment.

CR2025 Battery Equivalents or Substitutes

The CR2025 is a popular battery thanks to its stable voltage and remarkably long shelf life. As such, most battery manufacturers make it for use in electronic devices.

However, different battery manufacturers make slightly different versions of the same battery. Here’s a look at some batteries you can replace the CR2025 with to power your devices.

The Batteries use Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry:

  • BR2025
  • E-CR2025
  • SB-T14
  • DL2025
  • 5003LC

Batteries using Lithium Carbon Monofluoride chemistry:

  • BR2025

Batteries using Lithium-Ion chemistry:

  • LR2025
  • LiR2025
  • LIR2025

Remember, the batteries using the same chemistry have the same build and chemical composition. Thus, labeling can distinguish the same battery from different manufacturers. For example, the 5003LC and the DL2025 are both CR2025 batteries. 

CR2032 Battery Equivalents or Substitutes

Different button cell batteries employed to power electronic devices

(Different button cell batteries employed to power electronic devices)

The CR2032 battery is a popular battery with multiple equivalents and substitutes. Hence, you can opt for the following instead of replacing one with a CR2025 battery.

  • BR2032
  • ML2032
  • LiR2032/ LR2032

Remember that all the batteries in this section have a 20mm diameter and 3.2mm thickness. 

Additionally, a substitute may not perform as well as the original battery. Therefore, consult your device’s user manual for the best alternatives to its original batteries. 

CR2025 and CR2032 Common Features

Man opening a car door using a car remotely

(Man opening a car door using a car remotely)

Differentiating between the CR2025 and CR2032 can be difficult at face value. The reason is that both batteries have similar build and diameters of 20mm.

Both batteries use the lithium coin cell chemistry to generate a nominal 3 volts to power your device.

Another common feature is that both batteries have very long shelf lives. Given the ideal conditions, they can last up to 10 years in storage.

Also, the two batteries have meager discharge rates of less than 1% of their capacities annually. That means you can store one for ten years and find it working perfectly.

CR2025 and CR2032 Differences

A broken watch with a CR2025 battery

(A broken watch with a CR2025 battery)

Although the CR2032 and CR2025 batteries have similar characteristics, their thickness and capacity ratings differ. Therefore, they are best for use to power specific devices and not others.

It’s crucial to select a battery that is appropriate for your device’s energy needs. Check out the differences below: 


The CR2025 battery is slimmer, measuring 2.5 mm in thickness. Surprisingly, the CR2032 battery is thicker, with a thickness of 3.2 mm. However, they share the same diameter. 


Since the two batteries have different thicknesses, they might not be compatible with all devices. Surprisingly, most slim electronic gadgets use the CR2025 battery. However, thicker devices use the CR2032. 


The CR2032 battery is designed with a higher capacity than the CR2025 battery. Surprisingly, it has a higher energy supply and a longer lifespan. Therefore, we recommend it in higher energy demand devices. 


What are the uses of CR2025?

The CR2025 battery has many uses in powering small electronic devices like calculators and watches. Surprisingly, we use them in devices and appliances that need stable power from a long-lasting power source.

Additionally, you can use them to power car key fobs, toys, and computer motherboards. 

What are the uses of CR2032?

The CR2032 is thicker than the CR2025 by 0.7mm. The extra thickness gives the battery additional capacity to power devices that need a longer-lasting power source.

Some of its common uses include powering computer motherboards and remote controls. Moreover, you can use them to power car key fobs and smart cards. 

What’s the lifespan of a CR2025 battery?

The lifespan of a CR2025 battery depends on its usage. For example, a CR2025 battery may last 3 to 4 years before needing a replacement if used in a car key fob.

In contrast, it lasts less than a year if you use it on constantly active devices. An example is an IoT tracking device that refreshes after every 30 to 60 seconds.

Moreover, environmental factors, including humidity and temperature, impact a CR2025 battery’s lifespan. A cold, dry environment might help the battery last longer.

Which is better, a CR2025 or CR2032 battery?

The choice of battery between a CR2025 and a CR2032 depends on the power requirements of the device you’re using it in. Surprisingly, the CR2025 battery is slimmer and has less capacity than the CR2032.

Consequently, we use it to power devices that don’t require long-lasting batteries. However, the CR2032 is larger and more capable of lasting longer than the CR2025.

Yet, its large size makes it unsuitable for powering slim devices like motherboards. 

The Takeaway

Most electronic devices have specific power requirements for their regular operation. Therefore, we don’t recommend using a higher or lower-rated battery than the one recommended by the manufacturer.

Surprisingly, we’ve reviewed all potential replacements for the CR2025 and the CR2032 batteries. 

If your device needs a battery, use a compatible replacement. Consult a professional or the user manual if you need help deciding which battery to use. Lastly, contact us for any comments or clarifications.