CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: Differences and Applications

Many people are tempted to believe that CR2016 vs. CR2032 batteries are identical. Surprisingly, they both have a diameter of 20 mm and generate 3 volts.

However, there are differences that you might not spot unless you’re keen enough. 

To point out one, there are significant differences in their thickness. Here, the CR2032 has a thickness of 3.2 mm, while the CR2016 is 1.6 mm thick.

Therefore, you can’t use these batteries interchangeably, thanks to them supporting different battery holder sizes. 

But what are the main differences between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries? Well, keep reading for more about CR2016 vs. CR2032. 

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What are CR2016 Batteries?

CR2016 battery on sale

(CR2016 battery on sale)

Generally, CR2016 are coin-shaped batteries that you can use in small electronic devices like calculators and watches. They contain lithium manganese dioxide and are reputable for safety and stability. 

Surprisingly, the “CR” represents the battery’s lithium contents. Additionally, the number represents the diameter and thickness.

Specifically, “20” represents the diameter in millimeters while “16” represents the thickness. However, the thickness is without decimal and should be 1.6 mm.

Although these batteries are tiny, you’ll find them easier to install. 

What are CR2032 Batteries?

A CR2032 battery

(A CR2032 battery)

Since we already know what the numbers represent, we now understand how the CR2032 has the same diameter as the CR2016. However, the CR2032 battery is at least twice thicker than the CR2016 battery. 

Surprisingly, the CR2032 is a more powerful battery, thus perfect for small devices requiring higher energy. Therefore, we recommend them for cameras, pedometers, and digital scales. 

Lastly, these batteries strike a perfect balance between power and size. Therefore, we found this battery among the most popular batteries on the market.

CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: Technical Specifications

Types of batteries

(Types of batteries)

Weight1.9 grams2.92 grams
Thickness1.6 mm3.2 mm
Capacity90 mAH240 mAH
Run time6 hours10 hours
Power outputComparatively lowHigh

CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: Differences


You’ll find CR2016 and CR2032 batteries to be cheap, putting in mind their longevity. Surprisingly, some high-end brands could be as high as $3 per battery.

Luckily, the CR2016 and CR2032 will go for as low as $1 per battery. However, since the CR2032 batteries are more powerful and bigger, they’re often more expensive than the CR2016 batteries. 

Battery Cell Numbers and Thickness

As mentioned, these two batteries come with different identifying numbers. The first two numbers represent the battery diameter and are the same for the two batteries. They’re designed with a diameter of 20 mm. 

However, their thickness, represented by the last two numbers, differs. Notably, the CR2032 has a thickness of 3.2 mm, while the CR2016 is 1.6 mm thick. Therefore, the CR2032 battery is twice thicker as the CR2016. 

They Aren’t Interchangeable

Both the CR2016 and CR2032 batteries generate 3 volts. Does this mean that you can use them interchangeably? Not!

The CR2016 battery has a thickness of half that of the CR2032 battery. Therefore, the CR2016 won’t fit in a slot for the CR2032 battery. You’ll have to use two CR2016 batteries to fit well.

However, this will generate 6 volts, more for a device requiring only 3 volts from a single CR2032 battery. 

Different Capacities

A battery’s capacity is measured in mAh or milliampere-hour. This represents the charge that a battery can store. Generally, the charge depends on the volume or mass of active materials in the battery. 

A CR2016 battery comes with a capacity of about 90 mAh. Therefore, it’ll last for about six hours if you employ a 15mA load.

On the other hand, the CR2032 comes with a battery capacity of about 240 mAh. Therefore, it’ll last about 5 hours if you employ a load of about 48 mA. 


According to the manufacturer, CR2016 and CR2032 are safe if we consider their liability for breaking, exploding, or leaking. Therefore, you’ll find them used in kids’ toys and medical devices. 

However, forcing a CR2032 battery into a CR2016 battery compartment can raise safety concerns. The same applies to using two CR2016 batteries instead of a CR2032 battery. 

The main safety concern is that your kids might swallow these batteries. Therefore, ensure your kid’s toy’s battery compartment is well secured with a screw. And if you store the batteries, ensure they’re out of reach by your kids. 


Generally, CR2032 holds more power and is more long-lasting. Therefore, they’re more popular than the CR2016 batteries.

Additionally, the CR2032 batteries present a higher energy density, thus offering a higher power per unit weight. 

Furthermore, the CR2016 battery has a small size. Surprisingly, the CR2016 is half the size of the CR2032 battery, making it perfect for use in devices with limited space. Also, since they’re lighter, they’re perfect for use in a watch.

All in all, the CR2032 is the best option for power and energy density. 


We must acknowledge that the CR2016 and CR2032 batteries won’t serve you for long if you use them frequently.

Therefore, we recommend using them in devices that consume less power, like watches. Also, you can use them on devices you won’t often use, like a digital scale. 

However, the CR2032 batteries are double the size of the CR2016 batteries. Therefore, they’ll last twice as long under the same power demand. The exact durability of these batteries will depend on the device you use them for. 

If you use a CR2032 battery in a watch frequently, expect it to last a few months. However, it might last over a year if you use it in a calculator you don’t use frequently. 

CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: Similar Features

Although the CR2016 and CR2032 have differences, they also have similarities worth noting. Surprisingly, they both have Lithium Manganese Dioxide as their chemical composition.

Additionally, they have the same shape and share a diameter of 20 mm. Furthermore, they all have a nominal voltage of 3 volts and an operating temperature range of -30°C to +60°C. Lastly, the CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are both non-rechargeable. 

Applications of CR2016 batteries

A watch working on a CR2016 battery

(A watch working on a CR2016 battery)

CR2016 batteries are known as “button cells,” You can use them for small portable electric gadgets like watches and calculators. People call them “coin cells” since they’re similar to small coins. 

Surprisingly, most devices that employ CR2016 batteries are meant to offer a long service life. Expect the battery to last for about one year in a watch. 

Since the batteries have low self-discharge rates, they normally last for many years when not in use. However, they drain easily when you use them in devices with high power capacity. 

These batteries are used in fitness appliances, calculators, kid’s toys, medical devices, timers, and digital watches. 

Applications of CR2032 batteries

A circuit with CR2032

(A circuit with CR2032)

We recommend the CR2032 for electronic devices that need ultra-low power. These devices include real-time clocks and oscillators.

Additionally, you can use them as non-volatile BIOS memory backup batteries. Generally, they offer more power than the CR2016 batteries. 

Can I use a CR2016 to replace a CR2032 battery?

Generally, the CR2016 and the CR2032 batteries have the same chemistry and nominal voltage. However, they have different thicknesses.

Also, you’ll need two CR2016 batteries to fit in the CR2032 battery compartment, which will exceed the voltage supplied by one CR2032 battery. 

Therefore, you can’t use a CR2016 to replace a CR2032 battery directly. However, with some adjustments, it becomes possible. 


Are CR2032 batteries better than CR2016?

No battery is better than the other. Generally, the importance of each option depends on your use case. If you want a battery for your fitness appliance, we recommend the CR2016.

However, for real-time clocks, use the CR2032. We know the CR2032 offers more power and will last longer than the CR2016. 

How long do CR2016 batteries last?

The durability of CR2016 batteries depends on how you use them. If you use the batteries continuously, expect a run time of 6 hours. However, they can last long if you don’t use them frequently. 

How long do CR2032 Batteries Last?

The CR2032 have a run time of about 10 hours if you use them continuously. Therefore, they’ll last more than the CR2016 batteries. 

Are the CR2016 and CR2032 batteries interchangeable?

Two CR2016 batteries will fit perfectly in a CR2032 compartment. However, if your CR2032 battery offered 3 volts, the two might offer 6 volts, thus damaging your device. Therefore, they aren’t interchangeable. 


We hope we have put all your questions about the differences and similarities between CR2016 and CR2032 to rest. Generally, the CR2016 battery has a thickness of 1.6 mm and a weight of 1.9 grams.

Therefore, the battery is perfect for low-power applications.

Additionally, the CR2032 has a thickness of 3.2 mm and a weight of 2.92 grams. Consequently, it fits high-power applications. However, the two share the same voltage, diameter, and operating temperature range.