CR2032 vs DL2032 Review

The CR2032 vs. DL2032 are popular batteries we use to power many small electronics. These batteries have an excellent shelf life, thus powering medical devices and watches. Surprisingly, they have better capacities than other small alkaline batteries. 

But how do these batteries compare? What differences or similarities do these two batteries have? If you have these questions, you’re well covered. 

Today’s article highlights important information about CR2032 vs. DL2032 to help you make a better decision. 

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What Is a CR2032 Battery?

A CR2032 is a lithium coin cell battery that measures 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness. The battery has a relatively long shelf life of 10 years while retaining almost 90% of its capacity.

Additionally, the CR2032 has a nominal voltage of 3 volts that it supplies reliably. 

Due to its longevity and reliability, the battery has applications in many devices that need small power sources. Some uses include powering small electronic devices like watches and calculators.  

What Is a DL2032 Battery?

The DL2032 battery is a Duracell lithium coin cell battery with a diameter and thickness of 20mm and 3.2mm, respectively. Moreover, the battery has a nominal voltage of 3 volts.

Surprisingly, the DL2032 battery has features similar to those of the CR2032 battery, thus finding common applications. Therefore, you can use the DL2032 battery interchangeably with the CR2032 battery.   

CR2032 vs. DL2032 Batteries: Technical Specifications

The CR2032 and DL2032 batteries have similar dimensions but different technical specifications. Consequently, one is more suited to specific applications, whereas the other works fine in general tasks. Check out the technical specifications of the two batteries below:  

Nominal Voltage3.0V3.0V
Capacity220 mAh265 mAh
Operating Temperature-20°C to +85°C-20°C to +54°C
Standard Discharge Current 0.2 mA0.2 mA
Diameter 20 mm20 mm
Height3.2 mm3.2 mm

CR2032 vs DL2032: Differences

A CR2032 battery in its compartment

(A CR2032 battery in its compartment)

The CR2032 and the DL2032 batteries are pretty similar in usage and size. As a result, they don’t have many physical and chemical differences between them. Nevertheless, some differences make one battery better than the other. 


Removing a coin cell battery from a watch

(Removing a coin cell battery from a watch)

Generally, the capacity and materials used determine the weight of a coin cell battery. Therefore, the longer-lasting DL2032 is slightly heavier compared to the CR2032.

More specifically, the DL2032 has an average weight of 3.14 grams, whereas the CR2032 is slightly lighter at 2.92 grams. The weight difference between the two batteries is minimal and insignificant.


The CR2032 is a general classification of button cell batteries with a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm. Therefore, all batteries with those dimensions and a 3.0 nominal voltage fall under the CR2032 classification.

Conversely, the DL2032 is Duracell’s version of the CR2032 battery. Nevertheless, both batteries have closely similar characteristics and reliability. 

Nominal Capacity

A significant difference between the CR2032 and the DL2032 batteries is that the DL2032 has a higher capacity. For instance, Duracell manufactures the DL2032 and CR2032 batteries but with different capacities.

The DL2032 is a small, light-duty battery with a nominal capacity of 265 mAh. In contrast, its CR2032 battery has a nominal capacity of 225 mAh.

CR2032 vs DL2032: Applications

Button cell batteries that power watches

(Button cell batteries that power watches)

The CR2032 and the DL2032 have similar applications that may vary depending on the energy requirements of a device. In other words, the CR2032 has wider nominal capacities that range from 220 to 240 mAh. On the other hand, a new DR2032 battery has a higher capacity making it suitable for devices that need more power. 

Check out the applications of both the CR2032 and the DL2032: 

  • Computer motherboards
  • Remote controls
  • Car key fobs and trackers
  • Watches
  • Medical devices
  • Calculators
  • Fitness and security devices
  • Lastly, medical devices

CR2032 vs DL2032: Similarities

A digital thermometer using a DL2032 battery

(A digital thermometer using a DL2032 battery)

The CR2032 and the DL2032 have more in common than what meets the eye. Firstly, the batteries are the same size, 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness.

Secondly, the two batteries have a nominal voltage capacity of 3.0 volts. When the voltage drops to 2.8, you’ll realize the batteries are dead and need replacement. 

Thirdly, the two batteries have similar applications in powering small electronic devices. Depending on the application and usage frequency, they deliver reliable power for up to a year or more. Fourthly, the CR2032 and the DL2032 have standard continuous discharge currents of 0.3 mA.

Additionally, both have a maximum continuous discharge current of 3 mA. Surprisingly, the manufacturer recommends the two batteries’ operating temperatures of -20°C to 60°C. 

Thus, you can use one as an alternative to the other and be confident that your device resumes regular operation.

CR2032 vs DL2032: Equivalents

The CR2032 and the DL2032 share the same equivalents to power your circuit and can substitute each other. However, there may be differences in their performance, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. It is always best to use the coin cell battery the manufacturer recommends for optimal performance.

Some alternative coin cell batteries include:

  • BR2032
  • KCR2032
  • ML2032
  • ECR2032
  • LiR2032/ LR2032


Are CR2032 and DL2032 interchangeable?

Yes! The CR2032 and the DL2032 batteries are interchangeable. Surprisingly, both batteries have the same dimensions and will fit in each other’s compartments. Additionally, the DL2032 is a CR2032 battery from Duracell. 

For instance, a DL2032 battery has a 20mm diameter and a 3.2mm thickness. Similarly, the CL2032 has the exact dimensions, and it won’t be easy to differentiate the two without paying closer attention.

Are DL2032 durable batteries?

Yes! The DL2032 batteries are durable batteries that you can use to power small electronic devices, including watches. Surprisingly, the Duracell coin battery lasts up to a year if you use it to power high-consumption devices.

Moreover, the battery lasts up to 5 years or more if you use it to power a device you don’t use often. 

However, the durability of a DL2032 battery depends on factors such as storage and frequency of use. Consequently, a DL2032 battery may last less than the manufacturer recommends.

It’s always wise to follow a manufacturer’s instructions on installing and using a DL2032 battery to guarantee longer use. 

Where can you use DL2032?

You can use the DL2032 to power any device that relies on the CR2032 batteries, including watches and remote controls.

In the automobile industry, we use the battery to power car key fobs and other keyless entry systems.

In the medical industry, we use it to power devices, including digital thermometers and blood glucose meters. Surprisingly, we use it in our homes to power small electronic toys, including remote-controlled ones. 

The Takeaway

Generally, there’s little to differentiate between the two batteries, especially in size and application. Both batteries will serve you for years if you keep them in good working condition.

However, Duracell’s DL2032 coin cell battery has a higher capacity than most generic CR2032 batteries. No wonder it’s heavier despite having similar dimensions. 

If you need a reliable, longer-lasting CR2032 battery, go with the DL2032. Remember, both batteries have the same dimensions and can use them interchangeably.