Battery 1632 substitute: The Ultimate Guide

About the Battery 1632 substitute, If you’re keen enough, you understand that small devices like remote controls and watches function on small disk-shaped batteries. 

Surprisingly, the CR1632 is the most popular battery you’ll ever use in such devices. These batteries come with lithium. 

Additionally, they come with a diameter of 16 mm and a height of 3.2 mm. Furthermore, they provide 3V and have a capacity of 136-142 mAh.

But if you don’t have CR1632, can you use other alternatives? If yes, what are these substitutes? 

Keep reading to understand the battery 1632 substitute.

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Specification and Uses of CR1632

Watch battery replacement

(Watch battery replacement)

Before considering the 1632 substitutes, checking their specifications and uses would be essential. Generally, the CR1632 battery usually supplies a voltage of 3V when full. Additionally, it comes with a diameter of 16 mm and a height of 3.2 mm. 

At just 1.8g, the battery has a capacity of about 136-142 mAh. Surprisingly, it has an operating temperature range of -30°C to 60°C. Expect a shelf life of about 10 years. 

Notably, CR1632 is small, thus supporting small portable devices. The devices include: 

  • Watches
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Wireless doorbell
  • Electronic toys
  • Cyclo computers
  • Digital altimeters
  • Cholesterol testing meters
  • Swing and sliding gates
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • Remote keyless entry systems

ECR1632 (Energizer)

The ECR1632 batteries are quality batteries manufactured by Energizer Batteries. Surprisingly, customer reviews show that these high-quality batteries deliver greater performance. Additionally, the batteries are long-lasting. 

You’ll get two strips of 5 battery cells when you purchase them on Amazon. Lastly, you can use them in calculators and watches. 

DL1632 (Duracell)

This battery from Duracell is composed of lithium. Surprisingly, it weighs about 1.45 Ounces. Furthermore, it boasts a battery shelf life of over 10 years. You can use this battery in computers, hearing aid, and consumer electronics. We recommend the DL1632 for high-energy-consuming devices. 


Although the BR1632 battery has the same physical features as the CR1632 battery, it has a different composition. Surprisingly, it has a carbon monofluoride lithium chemistry. Additionally, it has a nominal and cutoff voltage of 2.8V and ~2.25V, respectively. 

Furthermore, the battery features a nominal capacity of 120mAh and a continuous drain current of 0.03mA. You’ll notice that these batteries have an operating temperature range of -30°C and +85°C.

Lastly, the carbon-monofluoride lithium composition guarantees a longer shelf life of over 10 years. 

LiR1632 (rechargeable)

New lithium batteries

(New lithium batteries)

If you’re looking for a rechargeable battery, you can count on the LiR1632 battery. Surprisingly, this battery is light, with only 1.6g.

Therefore, we can use it as a substitute for CR1632 since it provides 3V at full capacity. Additionally, it has a capacity of 25mAH and an energy of about 0.09Wh. 

Furthermore, it comes with a diameter and thickness of 16mm and 3.2mm, respectively. What we like about this battery is its stable and long-lasting voltage.

You can use it in both low and high temperatures. Generally, its operating temperature range is -20+60℃. 

Lastly, you can use it to run small electronic components, watches, motherboards, and calculators. 


If you’re looking for a rechargeable substitute for CR1632 batteries, consider this ML1632 battery. The batteries have the same features as the CR1632, except you can recharge them.

Also, they’re composed of Manganese lithium chemistry. When full, they boast a total of 3V. Lastly, they have a nominal recharge capacity of 40mAh. 

Battery 1632 substitute: VL1632

These Vinnic batteries are also a good substitute for CR1632 batteries. Surprisingly, we checked the company’s website and found the battery affordable.

Also, the batteries share all the features of CR1632 batteries, including the voltage, thickness, diameter, and operating temperature. Finally, they provide a normal capacity of 25mAh. 

Battery 1632 substitute: KL1632

This is another reliable battery that can substitute your CR1632 battery. Surprisingly, it supplies 3V and has a capacity of 140mAh. 

Apart from the above batteries, other notable mentions that are CR1632 equivalents include:

  • L1632
  • CR1632
  • KCR1632

Safety CR1632 Concerns

Battery 1632 substitute: Packaged batteries

(Packaged batteries)

When using CR1632 batteries, there are some safety concerns to observe. Check them out below: 

Battery 1632 substitute: Swallowing by Kids

If you have kids, you must be careful while handling these batteries. Remember, the batteries are tiny, and your child can easily swallow them. Therefore, ensure you store them away from children. 

However, if your child swallows them by accident, ensure you take emergency medical assistance sooner. Surprisingly, these batteries come with chemicals that cause internal organs to burn. In the worst cases, it could lead to death. 

Fire due to Overheating

Battery 1632 substitute: A damaged battery

(A damaged battery)

If your battery functions at high temperatures, expect it to overheat. This happens mostly when you expose the battery to long-term use.

Also, your battery will overheat if you charge it for too long. Consequently, you might experience severe burns, fire, or explosions. Therefore, exposure to prolonged use is unnecessary unless you’re using your battery to operate a watch. 

Battery Leakage

Generally, your battery might leak charge thanks to overheating. The same happens when you drop your battery or use it after its expiry date.

Also, the battery leaks when you store it in idle devices for a long time. Consequently, your battery might explode or even cause a fire. Therefore, keep your device safe and avoid storing it in idle devices. 


What are battery safety precautions?

You must abide by certain safety precautions to keep your battery in good condition and eliminate cases of danger. First, keep the battery in a cool and dry place.

It’s advisable to maintain a temperature range of -20℃ and 60℃. Also, remove batteries from devices you’ll store for extended periods. 

When disposing of batteries, avoid doing so in a fire since they might rupture and cause accidents. Furthermore, avoid keeping your batteries in a purse or pocket having metal objects like paper clips. Finally, keep your batteries from the reach of kids. 

Are CR1632 batteries rechargeable?

No, the CR1632 batteries are not rechargeable. Surprisingly, most people think these batteries are rechargeable since they follow lithium chemistry.

If you recharge CR1632 batteries forcefully, they might leak and explode, thus damaging your device. In the worst cases, a battery explosion might cause death. 

What is the Shelf Life of CR1632 batteries?

Your CR1632 batteries can last for over 10 years. However, the exact duration depends on the environment and storage temperature. Surprisingly, they can exceed 10 years if you store them in optimal conditions. 

Therefore, we recommend storing them in a temperature range of -20℃ and 60℃. Additionally, it would be best if you considered the humidity range of 35% and 75%. 


In conclusion, the CR1632 is a common battery that you’ll find in use in calculators and watches. Generally, the batteries have a lithium composition with a diameter of 16mm. Furthermore, they supply 3V and have a capacity of 136-142 mAh. 

However, in the absence of these batteries, there are reliable substitutes like the BR1632, ML1632, and VL1632. These batteries have the same voltage, diameter, and thickness as the CR1632 battery.

Surprisingly, they also offer a long shelf life. But remember to abide by safety precautions while using these batteries.