Soldering robot operation with PCB board

Standard PCB Thickness

PCB thickness refers to the density of a complete Printed Circuit Board. Standard PCB thickness depends on several factors: the substrate used, copper thickness, weight, …


LEDs on a printed circuit board

Aluminum LED PCBs: A Detailed Guide

About Aluminum LED PCBs, More and more PCB manufacturers are adopting aluminum for making PCBs. Additionally, the global uptake of LEDs has led to an …


A soldering background

Best Flux for Soldering Electronics

About Best Flux for Soldering, If you’re an electronics expert, you understand that the lack of lux can make soldering temperamental or impossible.  However, not …


Electrolytic capacitors

All About Bypass Capacitors

Bypass capacitors exist in almost every electronic device as they are crucial in keeping systems in good working order.  Most electrical technicians and engineers understand …