9 Best Books on Electric Cars

About Books on Electric Cars, The amount of knowledge you can consume is limitless. No wonder you can always learn new things without exhausting the existing libraries.

However, time is an important resource, and we should use it cautiously. 

More specifically, there are tons of books on electric vehicles and renewable energy. Going through all of them would be tiresome and even impractical in some cases.

As a result, we’re compiling the 9 best books on electric cars. 

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The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future

Books on a table

(Books on a table )

The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future is a book by Levi Tillemann.It is a captivating account of the thrilling competition between automakers to develop the car of the future.

Also, the book describes competition among automakers for technological dominance. 

For instance, the book tells of a futuristic car that automakers of the day, Karl Benz and Henry Ford, couldn’t imagine.

According to Tillemann, the car would drive itself and even have features the two manufacturers couldn’t imagine. Additionally, he talks about advances in the automobile industry to this day.

Moreso, he details the development of the internal combustion engine and our progress toward electric vehicle propulsion. 

Elon Musk: How the CEO of Tesla is Shaping our Future

The book on Elon Musk

(The book on Elon Musk)

The book by Ashlee Vance gives a vivid look into Elon Musk’s innovation and aspiration toward sustainable energy sources.  

Ashlee Vance’s excellent depiction of Elon Musk and thoughtful word choice make the book a fantastic read for all. The author portrays Musk as incredibly intelligent but demanding and challenging during work.

He has high expectations of himself and those around him. Moreover, he is fearless in pushing people to their limits to achieve their goals. 

Closer home, the book delves into the technical details of Musk’s projects, including developing the Falcon 9 rocket. Besides, Vance explains the engineering behind these projects in a way that’s easy to understand.

Additionally, the book gives a perspective into the world of electric vehicles and innovation from Musk’s view. If you need the motivation to build an innovative mindset, this book is for you. 

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla is a book by the legend Nikola Tesla himself. Globally regarded by some as the most influential figure of the 20th century, Tesla gives us a glimpse of his work.

For instance, he discusses his upbringing in Croatia and innovations in the United States. 

We all remember Tesla for his invention of the induction motor plus advances in wireless power transfer. However, few know that he is the one who pioneered the alternating current (AC) to power our industries.

In the book, Tesla also goes into detail about the challenges that he faced throughout his career.

He was a man with few friends but a heart to help many. We are thankful to him for developing the electric motors that are so popular in the automobile world. 

Insane Mode: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution

Insane Mode by Hamish McKenzie is another excellent book by a seasoned veteran in the tech industry. The author provides a vivid account of the rise of Tesla and its impact on the automotive industry and the future of transportation.

Additionally, the book details Tesla’s early struggles to overcome an industry dominated by automobile giants like Toyota. For instance, Tesla wasn’t the first company to develop electric vehicles.

However, it was the first to develop an electric vehicle that was relatively affordable compared to that of its competition. Moreover, McKenzie discusses features found in Tesla cars, such as the Autopilot system.

Generally, McKenzie’s book demonstrates the balance between innovation and business in today’s automobile industry. 

The Electric Car, Here and Now!

A Tesla Model S charging in a station

(A Tesla Model S charging in a station)

The Electric Car, Here and Now! is a book by Michael Boxwell. It is an excellent read for those eager to know the impact of technology on the world of electric vehicles.

Moreover, the book gives a history of electric vehicles from the 19th century to this day. FYI, electric vehicles were prominent during the 19th century before fading when facing competition from internal combustion engines.  

Additionally, the author addresses the benefits or lack thereof of owning an electric vehicle.

Electric & Hybrid vehicles-Design Fundamentals

Electric & Hybrid vehicles-Design Fundamentals by Iqbal Husain gives a concise look into electric vehicles. For instance, Mr. Husain provides an in-depth look into the design and operation of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Moreover, he focuses on the technical aspects of their powertrains and energy storage systems. These are two areas that are vital for electric vehicle engineering. 

He delves into EV batteries and their characteristics and shortcomings. Additionally, the book covers hybrid vehicle systems, their operation, and their design.

Generally, Electric & Hybrid vehicles-Design Fundamentals targets readers with a technical background in engineering and physics.

Physics of Electric Propulsion

Reading a book while drinking coffee

(Reading a book while drinking coffee)

Physics of Electric Propulsion is a book by two Princeton University professors, Robert G. Jahn, and Everett P. Chargin. It provides a comprehensive overview of the physics behind electric propulsion systems.

Besides, one of the book’s strengths is its in-depth coverage of the underlying physics of electric propulsion. 

The Physics of Electric Propulsion also details plasma physics. More specifically, the behavior of magnetic and electric fields in plasma environments.

Generally, the book gives you a brief look into electric propulsion and its future in transportation. 

AC Motor Control & Electric Vehicle Applications

Kwang Hee Nam explains the concepts of AC motor control and their applications in electric cars in this book.

First, he begins with an overview of the fundamental concepts of AC motor control, including the functioning of three-phase AC motors. 

Furthermore, Nam considers employing variable frequency drives to regulate motor speed. Such information is crucial, especially considering that electric vehicles work differently from the internal combustion engines in our cars.

Lastly, the book explains fundamental ideas underpinning electric motor drive systems.

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Charging an electric vehicle

(Charging an electric vehicle)

The Future of Electric Vehicles by Willett Kempton analyzes the future of electric vehicles. In his book, Kempton looks at the potential impact of adopting clean energy sources to power our cars.

More specifically, he discusses his views on the present-day impact of using electric vehicles for transportation. Also, he discusses what the market holds for electric vehicles and the potential challenges they might face.

Generally, The Future of Electric Vehicles gives you a vision of what to expect concerning electric vehicles.  


What is hybrid vs. electric?

You may be wondering what’s the difference between electric and hybrid vehicles. Well, the difference comes in when considering their power sources.

Hybrid vehicles have an internal combustion engine to back up their electric motors. On the other hand, electric vehicles rely exclusively on electric motors for propulsion.

For example, Tesla cars are electric since they rely on electric motors exclusively.  

What is the biggest problem with electric cars?

The biggest problem with electric cars is their limited range. Electric vehicles don’t rely on internal combustion engines; they depend on batteries.

Nevertheless, the fact that batteries are heavily discouraged most manufacturers from designing cars that could cover long distances. However, this changed with Tesla’s development of batteries that can last more than 250 miles on a single charge.

Are books on electric cars worth it?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Sometimes you may find that a book has everything you want regarding electric vehicles. Other times, a book may introduce a topic or address it insufficiently. 

From my experience, reading several books on a given topic gives you better insights. Consequently, be an avid reader; you’ll get all the information you need from these books. 

Final Remarks

You’ll never get a book that will give you all the information you need about electric cars. Surprisingly, the best approach would be combining several books to access different information.

Fortunately, we have highlighted the best 9 books on the market. Walk into any bookstore and get yourself a copy. Moreover, you even access some of these books online.