Best Arduino Starter Kit Review

The Best Arduino Starter Kit, If you’re an electronics and programming student or engineer, there is a high chance you have interacted with Arduino. 

Generally, Arduino is an open-source software and hardware platform that allows users to implement simple and complex microcontroller-based projects. 

Surprisingly, you can use the platform to interact with LEDs, GPS units, the internet, motors, smartphones, or speakers. 

However, countless Arduino starter kits are on the market, making selecting one that meets your needs challenging. 

Luckily, we have researched enough to highlight the best Arduino starter kit for you. Keep reading for more. 

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Best Arduino Starter Kit

Check out the best Arduino Starter kits for your projects:

Official Arduino Starter Kit

An Arduino board

(An Arduino board)

First on the list is the Official Arduino Starter kit from the company that invented the Arduino system. The kit comes with at least 100 components and a 170-page project guide.

You can build at least 15 different projects with the components. Consequently, you can control the physical world using actuators and sensors. 

Surprisingly, you don’t need any prior experience to use the official Arduino kit. The kit will take you through coding, Arduino basics, and electronics in an engaging and fun way. 


  • The kit comes with high-quality components
  • You’ll get a 170-page guide that is easy to understand
  • You can access additional resources online


  • You’ll have to download the software to use the kit

Elegoo UNO Project Basic Starter Kit

An Elegoo Uno board

(An Elegoo Uno board)

If you want an affordable Arduino Starter kit, count on this Elegoo UNO Starter kit. Surprisingly, you’ll get several components, a UNO R3 microcontroller, a CD with a PDF tutorial, and IDE software for just a few dollars.

The tutorials focus on using code to drive electronic devices with real-life solutions like activating buzzers and illuminating LEDs. 

Additionally, this kit is compatible with NANO, Arduino kit, MEGA 2560 R3, and Arduino UNO R3. 


  • You’ll get high-quality components
  • The kit is affordable
  • There is a CD with an IDE software


  • Its breadboard is smaller
  • The kit offers limited project scope

ArcBotics Sparki Robot Kit

This is one kit that presents at least 40 different components. Surprisingly, it’s compatible with Arduino code and allows you to access over 100 projects.

Furthermore, you’ll find a robot that learns tasks like grabbing objects and avoiding obstacles. What’s interesting is that you can control the robot using Bluetooth


  • The robot is pre-assembled
  • You’ll find the kit to be educational
  • It offers a wide range of lessons


  • The kit is expensive

Geekcreit Arduino Starter Kit

The Geekcreit Arduino kit is a complete kit available with everything Arduino-related. Surprisingly, it comes with Arduino nano, Mega, and Arduino Uno

Additionally, the kit has sensors, various shields, two breadboards, and several jumper wires.

The shields include a keypad shield, a motor controller shield, an LCD shield, a relay module shield, and an ethernet shield. 

Furthermore, you’ll get different displays, including large-segment displays, 8×8 dot matrices, and OLED displays. 


  • It is a complete kit with Arduino nano, Mega, and Uno.
  • The kit comes with several displays 


  • It’s expensive

GAR Monster Starter Kit for Arduino

As the name suggests, the Goliath Automation and Robotics (GAR) is a monster kit that you can use for automation tasks.

This kit is compatible with Nano V3, Mega 2560, ESP32 WiFi+Bluetooth, Uno R3, and ESP8266 NodeMCU development platforms. 

Additionally, the kit allows you to program electronics using common modules and sensors. Therefore, we recommend it for both advanced users and beginners. 

Furthermore, you can use it to develop wireless IoT Automation projects. Here, you’ll use the W5100 shield, HC-05 Bluetooth module, 2x NRF24L01 wireless transceivers, ESP8266 WiFi module, and ESP32 Development Board. 

Lastly, you’ll get a lifetime replacement guarantee on parts with effective customer/technical support. 


  • The kit has wireless capabilities
  • It comes with a large collection of components
  • You’ll get three microcontroller boards


  • The product is expensive
  • Beginners might struggle using these kit

Considerations When Buying Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino online shop market

(Arduino online shop market)

Since Arduino is an open-source software and hardware platform, it’s prone to duplication. Consequently, you’ll find many clones of the original if you’re keen enough.

Surprisingly, the quality of Arduino kits is going to vary greatly. However, to get the best Arduino kit, consider the following:


The essential thing in an Arduino starter kit is the board that houses the microcontroller. Generally, the board accepts an input and produces an output depending on your instructions.

The most common boards on the market are Arduino UNO, NANO, and MEGA2560.

If you want to build the board into a confined space or robot, we recommend you consider the size of the board. For beginners, Arduino UNO could be the best starting point.

However, consider the MEGA if you expect your project’s wiring to be complicated with more connections. 


Arduino kits usually come with projects or tutorials contained in a DVD or booklet. However, the kit’s creative possibilities will cover more than what’s on the tutorials. You’ll usually find limitless information and video tutorials on the manufacturer’s website. 


Arduino components

(Arduino components)

You’ll come across numerous Arduino components and modules. One critical component you’ll interact with is a breadboard which allows you to create circuits without soldering. 

Although most kits have the necessary components, you may be forced to buy additional starter kits. Surprisingly, larger kits come with parts of related projects, making them more convenient and with better value. 

With Arduino, you won’t encounter any compatibility challenges. However, we recommend you buy components from the same manufacturer to ensure they work together without complications. 

Arduino Kits Types

Check out the Arduino kits types below:


The beginner Arduino kits are specifically designed for users without Arduino experience. They come with multiple controller boards and components that users can easily configure.

Surprisingly, you can employ these kits and their components for further ideas. Common kits include Micro, MKR, Nano, and Arduino Mega. 


You can use these Arduino kits for advanced projects.  Surprisingly, they come with advanced circuits, controllers, breadboards, and other components. Additionally, you can integrate their pieces into functional technology pieces. 

Training and Educational Kits

Arduino has kits that cover educational purposes in colleges and schools. However, these kits range from beginner to advanced hardware pieces. 


What can you use Arduino starter kits for?

The Arduino starter kit is the best way to learn coding and electronics. Surprisingly, the kit has all the necessary components to develop your project and turn your idea into reality.

Also, you can use an Arduino starter kit to teach students about microcontrollers and how you link them with actuators and sensors. 

Are there differences between Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

The main difference between these two is that Raspberry Pi is a microprocessor while Arduino is a microcontroller.

Therefore, unlike Raspberry Pi, which has an operating system, Arduino isn’t a full computer and doesn’t have an operating system.

Surprisingly, an Arduino kit operates on simple instructions from an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Can you use an Arduino without a laptop?

Yes! You can use your smartphone to run Arduino codes if you don’t have a PC or laptop. However, you must understand how to program with Arduino. 


Every electronics student or engineer should understand working with Arduino starter kits. Generally, Arduino offers an open-source software and hardware platform where you can implement simple and complex microcontroller projects.

Therefore, you need the best Arduino starter kit for the best results. 

With the countless Arduino kits on the market, choosing such critical components blindly might cost you. That’s why we recommend the above reliable Arduino Starter kits.